Frequently asked questions about Batumi

Last updated on 31/12/2023
What are the services offered by Chabad of Batumi Georgia?
Chabad house services: Traveler center, Friday night meals, Shabbat meals, Shabbat prayers
At what time can you put on tefillin in Batumi? What time does the sun set? When does Shabbat start?
Is there a Mikveh in Batumi
Unfortunately, there are currently no active Mikvahs in Batumi
Are there kosher restaurants in Batumi?
Where can I eat Shabbat and holiday meals in Batumi Georgia?
Chabad house holds Shabbat and holiday meals upon prior registration, we would be delighted for you to join us register here
When does the Shabbat/holiday begin in Batumi Georgia
The upcoming Shabbat, Parshat Behaalotecha (21-22/06/2024)
Shabbat begins: 20:33, Shabbat ends: 21:43
Is there an Eruv in Batumi Georgia?
There is no Eruv in Batumi
Which hotels are close to the Chabad house?
Which hotels are suitable for Shabbat?