About Chabad House Batumi

About Chabad House Batumi Georgia

Batumi Chabad House

The Chabad House in Batumi, Georgia, was established in the year 5768 (2018 in the Gregorian calendar) by Chabad emissary Rabbi Ze'evi and Mushi Mendelzon. The Batumi Chabad House operates under the direction of Rabbi Meir and Tzippi Kozlovsky.

Chabad emissaries, part of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's outreach team, passionately work to promote all facets of Jewish life in the community, focusing on Jewish holidays, prayer, lessons and community meetups.
They also work tirelessly to help thousands of tourists coming to Georgia every year, giving them a warm Jewish home to forge and strengthen their connection to the Jewish people wherever they may be.

Torah lessons

A Torah study program for men, women and travelers.

Activities for Women

Once a month, Batumi's Jewish Women's Club meets, with the aim of strengthening Jewish identity and the members' ties with the community and Judaism, as well as create social links and a supportive community.

Activities for Children

This is a monthly activity for boys and girls in the community, where Jewish concepts are studied. Together, we learn about and prepare for Jewish holidays in a fun and hands-on way. The meetups are meant to strengthen the children's bond with Judaism and the community.

Camp Gan Israel Activities

Summer camps for girls and boys in the community provide an excellent opportunity for giving the community's children a large helping of Judaism through powerful and hands-on programming.
Activities geared towards Israeli tourists in Georgia
The Chabad House is open every day to help tourists in Batumi, providing help and information to anyone coming to its doorstep.

A Mehadrin kosher meat restaurant operates on the premises.
The Chabad House organizes Shabbat and holiday meals for travelers, and special events during the holidays.
Visitors can don tefillin (phylacteries), get updated on prayer times, and register for Shabbat and holiday meals.

Chabad shluchim

Rabbi Ze'evi Mendelzon

Chabad Shliach

Mrs. Mushi Mendelzon

Chabad Shlucha

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10 Vakhtang Gorgasali St, Batumi, גאורגיה